What's O'verse ?

The O'verse is a fascinating digital world shaped by Kibo's artistic imagination. It is a universe where anything is possible, and where the rules are dictated by the artist himself. In this world, the character ø, an anonymous and genderless being, wanders through different concepts and environments imagined by Kibo.

Ø is also the reflection of the spectator, allowing him to identify and plunge into the O'verse and its concepts. Everywhere ø goes, it is surrounded by white cubes, which, according to the artist, represent pixels in 3 dimensions. These cubes often come to parasitize other elements, but one can also find scenes created only from these cubes.

They serve as modules to model the world, and Kibo has created three different types: full base cubes, smaller cubes that are 0.5 times the size of base cubes, and cubes made up only of their edges, the same size as base cubes.

In the O'verse, everything is creation and imagination, and ø is the guide who takes us through this strange and fascinating world. The O'verse is a fascinating and strange universe, where the rules of time and space do not apply as in our world. It is a place where anything is possible, and where creativity and imagination are the only limits.

This world is represented in different artistic forms, from 2D to 3D, from static image to animation. Kibo, the artist who created this world, uses all these mediums to express his ideas and concepts, and to bring this universe to life through his works.

The O'verse is an imaginary world that allows one to escape the rules of time and space, and to let imagination run free. It is a universe where anything is possible, and where the only limits are those we impose on ourselves.

O'verse is a world I'm building, most of my pieces are from this world, this is a sort of artistic dimension, where you the viewer are the main character.